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The Injectable Muscle Relaxant.

LINE TAMER Muscle Relaxing Treatments are the UK’s most popular cosmetic treatment with good reason

The treatment is quick, safe and painless, and the results are fantastic.  This is the most successful treatment for the forehead frown lines and crows feet.  Line tamer works by relaxing a specific muscle that is causing the creases, resulting in a softening or even eradication of the unwanted lines.  The skin will smooth whilst still leaving your natural expression.

A phenomenally successful treatment in massive demand.  Predominantly for the softening and smoothing of expression lines, ie frown lines forehead lines and crows feet.

The fact is that every time we smile, laugh or frown, we activate a series of contractions in the muscles of the face.  Over a period of time these contractions create creases in the skin which make us look anxious, worried and aged.

Over a period of 2 weeks this simple, quick procedure will eliminate those tiresome lines leaving you looking refreshed, revitalised and youthful.  Collagenics practitioners are the UK’s leaders in muscle relaxing injections.  The ideal result softens and takes out lines however, still leaving some natural expression.

The fact that 90% of people who try this treatment repeat it is its own recommendation.

How does the treatment work?

The Line Tamer is a medical grade, highly purified natural protein which is injected in minute quantities to the area requiring treatment.  Over the next few days the message for the muscle to contract is blocked which results in the skin smoothing and wrinkles softening.  Over time the smoothing and softening effect improves.  The treatment is not permanent and the results, usually lasts for 3 - 6 months.

Is the treatment safe?

This treatment has been used in the NHS for over 30 years for treatment of a variety of conditions, and in facial treatments for over 15 years. Muscle relaxants have an excellent safety record and are biodegradable.   Hundreds of thousands of treatments are carried out every month, and is suitable for almost everyone.

Can I get Addicted to the Treatment?

Muscle Relaxants are not an addictive drug, but you can get hooked on the results!

Are there any side Effects?

There are few side effects to Injectable Muscle Relaxant, the most common is a slight headache immediately after treatment, however, muscle relaxant injections are now often used for the treatment of Headaches and Migraine symptoms.  Occasionally, there can be mild bruising at the injection site

Is the Treatment Painful?

Not at all, most people are pleasantly surprised at to how painless the treatment is.  For most people they compare it to a slight scratch.  If you are unsure, call and ask when the next Collagenics Demonstration is in your area, then you can see the treatment being performed, judge for yourself and all your questions can be answered.

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